About Rock Revivals

Rock Revivals is all about recreating the rock experience of the classic rock era 1965-75. In that time rock & roll was evolving into something much bigger and combined with psychedelics, symphonics, latin, folk and other influences. Rock music has evolved much since that era, as well as the bands that (still) play it. But Rock Revivals goes back to its origins and recreates classic rock music in it’s most pure form.

To do that we currently have ten musicians that pay tribute to their rock idols. Some musicians play in several tributes, others only one. We always perform with the same line-up, outfits and original instruments/amps as the bands we honor played with in the 60-70ies. 

Rock Revivals is still expanding. As of 2021 we have three tributes (Deep Purple, Santana and The Who). But in 2022 new tributes will be created and we will start organizing ’tribute-nights’, evenings with two or three tributes.

Keep checking us out!!